Drive through coffee....

I love to get coffee on the go. I hate to get out of my car for JUST coffee because that would mean taking 3 kids into a coffee shop and then attempting to leave with all 3 kids and my coffee. So if I go into a coffee shop, I'm drinking it there.

So this is my list of places that I will get coffee at on the go by preference.

1. Sonic - I like a large regular coffee with a sonic boom. Cost $1.99 Plus if I have my 4 year old with me I can get away from there with spending less than $3.50 because all she ever wants is a vanilla dish with a cherry.

2. Starbucks - I will sometimes get a venti regular coffee but I perfer to get a venti Mocha because I think they over roast their beans so their coffee can be a little bitter. In this case it's $4.95 and I have to get a kids drink for $1 so finally cost is around $6.50.

3. McDonald's - Large black coffee. Their coffee is actually pretty good and now they have more options which are also yummy. But always have to get a happy meal so there's about $6 out the window. More if I get a specialty coffee.

Those are the 3 main places I would stop. Now if someone put in a Turkish coffee shop. I would get out of my car every time... because you just can't get that to go but it would be worth it.


La said...

I'm a Sunday-morning coffee kind of gal, myself. It just makes the whole day.

Ahh..."the bishop". So inspired in their ignorance, eh? Glad you see through the silliness. :)

Chino Blanco said...

If you've yet to join the conversation re X-Mormon of the Year over at Main Street Plaza, this here is your official invite! ( And all apologies for this spamalicious OT comment ! )

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