Drive through coffee....

I love to get coffee on the go. I hate to get out of my car for JUST coffee because that would mean taking 3 kids into a coffee shop and then attempting to leave with all 3 kids and my coffee. So if I go into a coffee shop, I'm drinking it there.

So this is my list of places that I will get coffee at on the go by preference.

1. Sonic - I like a large regular coffee with a sonic boom. Cost $1.99 Plus if I have my 4 year old with me I can get away from there with spending less than $3.50 because all she ever wants is a vanilla dish with a cherry.

2. Starbucks - I will sometimes get a venti regular coffee but I perfer to get a venti Mocha because I think they over roast their beans so their coffee can be a little bitter. In this case it's $4.95 and I have to get a kids drink for $1 so finally cost is around $6.50.

3. McDonald's - Large black coffee. Their coffee is actually pretty good and now they have more options which are also yummy. But always have to get a happy meal so there's about $6 out the window. More if I get a specialty coffee.

Those are the 3 main places I would stop. Now if someone put in a Turkish coffee shop. I would get out of my car every time... because you just can't get that to go but it would be worth it.

Coffee - The Gateway Drug to Apostacy?

Is coffee the gateway drug to apostacy? Why do I drink coffee you ask when it's suppose to be so bad for you that a "prophet" of god had a "revealtion" that it shouldn't be imbibed?

I'd like to point out that after the WoW revelation neither JS nor BY stopped drinking coffee, beer, or wine. The WoW wasn't enforced at all until the 1920's.

But that has nothing to do with why I drink coffee. I didn't succumb to the lovely aroma of coffee at work one day. Nor did I succumb due to peer pressure. It was recommended by my doctor when I was 14. I have asthma. This was back when a rescue inhaler for maintainence was the standard. Coffee would help me breath better on a day to day basis. Coffee? Really? The caffeine and theobromine in coffee both mimic theophyline, a drug used to treat asthmatics. But coffee is bad for you! It was easy for me actually to set aside this mindset because I perfer to breath. It is a proven fact that coffee drinkers experience 1/3 less asthma symptoms than non-coffee drinkers. If for some reason, I am caught without my inhaler and feel an attack coming on 2 cups of strong coffee with stave it off. I've been known to hit a Starbucks and get a large cup of coffee and 2 shots of expresso and be on my way. Coffee is an asthmatic's best friend. Obviously, I don't recommend coffee over medication but it helps control symptoms and alleviate symptoms so I believe it is a valid addition to any asthamtic's daily regimen.

My parents, however, were a whole different story. Despite my father having medical training, they wanted to discuss this with the bishop who was a building contractor (read construction worker). Doing as I was told, I prayed about coffee while they made an appointment with the bishop. I don't remember the entire interview but THIS is what I do remember.

Bishop: Did you pray about this?
Me: Yes, bishop I did. And the answer I received was to follow my doctor's advice.
Bishop: You need to pray again because you are being counseled by the devil.
Me: No, I am not.
Bishop: You are wrong Sister Coffeenow and your soul is in peril if you listen to this advice. Your doctor is the instrument of evil through tempting you to drink coffee.

Of all things for the devil to be worried about. One poor 14 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with asthma. He felt he had to JUMP INTO my doctor in order to lure a "good" girl over to the side of evil by dangling coffee in front of her.

So what did I do? Did I choice the "right"? I did. I chose coffee. I just didn't let my parents or the bishop know about it. I would walk 2 miles to and from school every day so that I could stop and get coffee. When they started making me go to seminary, it became a walking home only habit. When they gave me a car so I could start driving my little sister to and from seminary and school, I had to drop her off first before getting coffee because she was a little tattler.

Yes, coffee was the gateway drug to my apostacy. The entire experience made me question why my parents would consult a lay clergy with no medical background about a medical issue. It made me question why I was told to pray but then told my personal revealation or the inspiration I received was not from god but from satan. It made me question the wisdom of consulting an untrained lay clergy on anything. It made me question why god would want me to suffer when there was such a simple solution.

This would not be the last time this bishop would interfere in my medical health.

Background Color

I'm actually trying to put a picture behind my blog but I haven't managed to do it correctly yet. I'm going to keep working on it because it will be awesome sauce when I do.
Well, we're getting somewhere now :)

I know it's a bit plain at the moment...

But I wouldn't want to intimidate you with my awesome blog abilities and my high IQ.

It's my work in progress. More to come!

My phone call to UoU

Some may be wondering how I know KWM isn't a student or candidate of PharmD at UoU...

Simple, I called them with the information about KWM's dh's disciplinary action by the AZ Medical Board. Don't worry, they have all the pertinent info if you ever decide to stop being a liar and actually apply to the UoU PharmD program. You're welcome btw. I wouldn't want to be considered an enabler of your addictive behavoir.

Coffee Now

Yup it's me!

Coffeenow! Hugs!